The Gravy Boat Podcast

If you’re not already listening to the Gravy Boat podcast, what the fuck is wrong with you?  I bet you spit on the pavement as well. You disgust me. 

The Gravyboat podcast consists of the holy trinity of my pal, Sherby57 and his mates ‘Shaky’ Greg and  and Rev. Boris.  Not really. But what you need to know is that it’s a weekly podcast from the Wazza (warrington) based trio and it’s rather good.It’s a humerous, meandering, freestyling conversation.  It will make you punch the air.   Find out more about it on the above link and subscribe to it (free) on i-tunes.  There have been two episodes thus far (episodes 0 and 1) and on episode one, yours truly featured, so it’s got to be worth a listen eh? EH?

You can also become a friend on Facebook and follow their tweets on twitter.

Listen to it. Do it today.