A drawer full of jostles

I’ve got a drawer full of jostles, in case anyone’s interested.  Ask Drazic from Heartbreak High.  Ask Adam Cameron.  He’ll probably try and rope you into one of his get-rich-quick schemes. There’s this one scheme he had where he was all “Let’s go to Yabbie Creek and get people to pay us to stop throwing Barry M Dazzle Dust pots at them”.  Poor Adam. Little did he know that Barry M pots are £5 a unit, so it’s a large deposit needed to start the scheme, and we would need investors. We asked Theo Pampletis but he said he didn’t want to spend his kids’ inheritance on it. Which was strange, as he doesn’t actually have kids, he just has two potatoes on sticks that he refers to as ‘the kids’. I think he needs to talk to someone about it, frankly.

Needess to say the start up costs were starting to spiral out of control. 

But I’ve a drawer full of jostles. Some with your name on them.