World of Sheds Xmas

Season’s Greetings, Shed devotees.

Today is Christmas day. That means exactly 62 years ago, Jesus Christ was born in a lowly bike shed in Burscough, outside the Youthy.

Today, the Shed family celebrated in the usual traditonal way. We decorated the ceremonial toilet and we ate the Christmas beef jerky toast toppers.  I wore my pirate trousers and went bare breasted into my neighbours house and declared “Ja! Santa Ich bin gut this jahre!”, as I do every year. It wouldn’t be the same without it. One year I didn’t and the kids were so disappointed.

During these times of finanical hardship, my family were treated to gifts bought entirely from charity shops. Mum sheds was treated to an leatherette ice bucket with a silver horse’s head on the lid as the handle.  Dad Sheds was the lucky recipient of a petrol station glass decanter circa 1987.  Sister Sheds was delighted to recieve a second hand bikini and brother shed was spoilt rotten to a gift with purchase of a magazine romance novel called ‘Jane Jone’s Diary, not capitalising on the success of Bridget Jones’s diary, but a very poor attempt at, using words like ‘singleton’ and overusing the phrase ‘note to self”.  A real page turner.  He loves a good love story. Shed friends recieved smoked glass tumblers, a grey, black and red lamp shade from a boy’s bedroom in the late 80s, a wooden wall ornament with an ariel outline of Majorca on it and a broken camera in bits in an ice cream box.

They were truly delighted.  Why shop anywhere else shedders? Charity shop shopping is a win-win situation for any occasion.

Happy xmas Shed fans. Please allow me to extend my thanks to everyone who reads the blog, who follows me on twitter and on facebook. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have carried on, I’m sure.