Bontemptation at Work

You may remember that I’m championing a new word to enter the english language. The word is ‘Bontempt‘. You may have noticed some of my ‘followers’ and I using it, in what can only be described as, a ‘cavalier manner’.

Read more about ‘bontempt’ here:

Well, WoS fans, my thoughts about the cause entered the atmosphere and affected the collective consciousness.  The thoughts transcended my mortal body and were projected onto a heavenly screen. The gods, paused from the revelry of their ferrero rocher party.  The stopped. Bearded jaws, dropping, to marvel at the heavenly projection. A smile played upon their divine lips. I don’t know what game it played though. Not sure what games smiles play. I’m not a doctor of smiles, OK? I didn’t choose that module at university. I did English literature and read the boring ‘Wide  Sargasso Sea’.  Had I not made a bad decision, I might know. Just leave it OK? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW.

Sigh.  Anyway, the Gods saw the projection, and before switching over to ‘You’ve been framed’ (the Gods love Harry Hill) they saw fit to return my thoughts back to me in a physical manifestation.  

Today I was leaving work and I was exiting the fire door, just for kicks. I stumbled over a box of musical instruments. This was the happiest of health and safety violations, for what should be contained in this serendipidous hazard?


Come hither, play me.

Come hither, play me.

Dare to dream, Shedders. Dare to dream. The Gods may be listening, if they’re not messing about with Seasonal chocolate.