Thomas Bangalter’s Bang Altar


Bzz, bleep bleep, whizz

Allo. My name is Thomas Bangaltar. I work in a musical situation called ‘Daft Punk’. Perhaps you are knowing it?

Where is the Bridge? Do I take the first road on the left after the church?

When working in musics is not working for me, I am spendings time discoverings different religions.


I hoping you will be sharing my goings with delight. I like to look and to discover. I like hockey and netball. Do you ever go to hockey and netball? Do you do the hockey with your friends at school?

In next weeks, I will be talking about religions that you may like and smile at. This week I talk about only the religion of my own, which is the Catholics Church. It is very nice. I like it.

In the catholics church, we eat wafers and drink blood. It is nice. A man asks us to stand up and sit down. Is is giving of the health. It is what gods wants. For us to have perfect bodies so we can dress up in Robot costumes and sample 70s basslines and pull the hot women. But those hot women must not use protection for sexy-time. It makes god sad. When God sad, he make thorns tighten round jesus heart. Everyone gets sad.

Catholics is also fun as the man who stand at front of church dress up. He no dress up like robot. He dress like a ghost. I like. He is my friend. My mum makes me go to church on Sunday. She does not let me wear robot costume. I sampled her favourite song and made out I made it up myself and release it on album to make her mad. My mum said I couldn’t wear Robot costume for a week.


Thomas Bangaltar