Contact me (if you like)

A few folks have been requesting my e-mail address, phone number, shoe size and cup measurment (not sure why they’re so interested in my crockery). So, lo! Here is a form by which you can contact me via the power of the interweb. You may like to grill me on the content of my dreams (just don’t ask about last nights-it was disturbing), what bedding I’d like on my bed, what tattoos you should get (answer: the Poundland logo).

Maybe you’d like to ask our resident astrologer and dead french king, Louis XIV, a question. Be assured I will convey your comments to him.

4 thoughts on “Contact me (if you like)

  1. Oh, Dr Angel.
    I’ve just been away. To Cracow. In Poland. There’s a wedding dress shop there that’s very nearly called Kowalski’s. There’s a couple of extra letters in it, like a C and a Z, but they’re compulsory for every word out there, so they don’t count.
    They had a very beautiful wedding dress in the window. It had a clinging corset type top, and many layers of white chiffon or organza or something flowing down to floor level, and had a top layer of very flimsy silver grey net over all. It was quite stunning. I notice these things sometimes.
    I just thought you should know.

  2. Dearest G

    How dare you leave these shores! Especially when I’ve a wedding to plan. Thank Ions that you spent this time wisely researching dresses for me. I enjoy the thought of people wandering around europe scoping out attire for my forthcoming nuptials. I do, however, have my dress. I’m working myself up to devoting a whole post about my plans for my wedding so stay tuned. x

  3. I remain constantly tuned to the vibrations of the universe and the music of the spheres. I tend to resonate, but it really doesn’t help. x

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