Blogging…the new frontier

Hello World of Shed devotees


I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a terrible year. Shitty, awful, brutal, miserable.

I’ve not felt very funny or creative in a light hearted sense. I’ve felt dark and dingy and like a sweaty pocket in a pair of jeans that never gets washed.

This does not naturally lend itself to blogging, I realise that. So I haven’t blogged. I have received emails from African princes and even couldn’t be arsed replying to them, which is usually my default. That’s how bad it has been.

I’ve had some health problems which sent me into a really dark time, gone for jobs and not got them and lost to pure idiots, and other stuff which I can’t even tell you about.

I have started a blog about some of this shit I’ve been going through recently. I’m not going to lie, it’s not mirthful but it’s real and raw and shitty.

If you’d like to read the new blog, e-mail me and I will give you the new address. I say this because I don’t want anyone I know in real life to read it. Some things you’re just happier to share with strangers.

Take care Shedders. One day I may return. Until then, stay sexy.

A x

3 thoughts on “Blogging…the new frontier

  1. Wow, saw the email notification to say there had been an update, to what I thought was already a dormant blog, and find this. I’m honestly sorry to hear that you’ve had an annus horribilis. I won’t ask to see your new blog, although I very much hope your outpourings will allow you to put things in to perspective, but I genuinely hope things get an awful lot better for you. All the best.

  2. Oh Lord, Sheds.
    How sorry am I to see this? Very, I can tell you. I really hope that the current grimness you’re suffering is neither too deep to bear nor so constant and long lasting that it turns you away from the joys that life can hold.
    There’s a rather silly saying about the things that don’t kill us making us stronger. A friend of my daughter Rachael came out with that one vis-a-vis R’s Crohns disease which was then at its most debilitating, to which my girl’s pungent reply was, “that’s easy to say when you’re not shitting out of a hole in your stomach.” True, I think and applicable to life in many more ways than she meant.
    You have my email address Sheds, and if you would be up to me reading and possibly sharing in your troubles, please, you know where my internet incarnation resides.
    I would understand if you didn’t though.

    With all my best and most heartfelt wishes,

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