The Tea Folk Reply

Some Eagle the Eagle Edwards eyed Shedders may have spotted via the giftage of Twitter and this here blog, that I wrote to Tetley after the abomination of finding my usual brew of earl grey and Vanilla was infact the prole beverage ‘normal tea’. Well nothing as lowly as that can pass my lips, so I wrote a very strongly worded letter. You can see it here.


Well, boil my shingled feet, Tetley wrote back. I was thouroughly heartend to see that they didn’t really take my lette eriously and they wrote back a reply much in the same vein, demonstrating a sense of humour (although admittedly, I’m sure we will be waiting some while for their Edinburgh Fringe Show) and also enclosing SIX POUNDS of vouchers. Therefore profit for Sheds equals four pounds! Four pounds for writing a load of nonsense that got recycled for my blog. That’s a win in my book. And my book is full of champions.

Here is the said reply (names have been changed to protect the sexy).


Dear Dr. Angel

Thank you for returning some Tetley Earl Grey and Vanilla tea bags to us for investigation and I’m sorry we drove you to such naughtyness!

At Tetley we’re proud of out high quality products and we try to make sure they reach you in perfect condition every time. We always appreciate feedback-it’s how we check out products and our standards. Our tea blending team have taste tested the tea bags you returned. Unfortunately, they found that the levels of bergamot and vanilla were below standard for this product and have escaped out usual quality procedures. Gaffer has had a word with Sydney and we’ve been assured he won’t do it again!

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact us and I enclose £6.00 in vouchers with compliments. If there is anything I can help you with, please call on FREEPHONE 0800 387227 or e-mail via

Yours sincerely

Consumer Services Executive

4 thoughts on “The Tea Folk Reply

  1. It’s good to see the good folks at Tetley spring to attention when you write them a letter. Perhaps I’ll write and ask if they’ve considered doing a line in vinyl.
    You know it all makes sense.

  2. Lo! You have inspired me Dr Angel, I should have been doing something far more productive but I wrote an e-mail to Network Health and Beauty, the makers of Amplex antiperspirants:

    Dear Sir or Madam
    I have been a fan (is that too strong a word?) of Amplex anti-perspirant for a while. I feel that they are effective whist being extremely good value for money-which is great as I am a skint student. When I saw that you had a ‘natural’ version out which was kinder to skin, my tiny heart skipped a beat, I could not get to the check out fast enough!

    I must say that I have been extremely disappointed. I started using it on 15/12/11 and stopped using it a few days ago (so I gave it a chance). It did not stop me from perspiring. At first I thought I was sitting too near the radiator or wearing too much acrylic-but no it wasn’t. The whole sorry tale culminated in when I was about to give an assessed presentation for university on an extremely cold day and I was really perspiring! As you can imagine, this did not really give me the confidence that I needed before my assessment. I have since bought your pink Amplex to replace, which is much better.

    I can’t belive I am writing this as I used to feel only loons did things like this, but now I am a student-I haven’t got the pop star lifestyle to lavish on a multitide of deoderants and also maybe your scientist types may want to look at your formulation to stop anyone else going through a sweaty assessment! Also, it’s not very environmentally friendly as I’ve had to chuck a practically full Amplex in the bin! Or at least I’ve given someone a laugh at Network Health and Beauty.

    My armpits thank you. Your humble servant.
    Ms Cogwheel Rigidity

    I have hit refresh 20 times in the last 20 minutes that I posted it, but alas! still no reply. I’m sure, like me you will be waiting with baited breath. Will keep you updated on the whole sorry mess. Laterz! xx

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