Contact me (if you like)

A few folks have been requesting my e-mail address, phone number, shoe size and cup measurment (not sure why they’re so interested in my crockery). So, lo! Here is a form by which you can contact me via the power of the interweb. You may like to grill me on the content of my dreams (just don’t ask about last nights-it was disturbing), what bedding I’d like on my bed, what tattoos you should get (answer: the Poundland logo).

Maybe you’d like to ask our resident astrologer and dead french king, Louis XIV, a question. Be assured I will convey your comments to him.



Short Plays: Erotic Drama

She looks into his chocolate button eyes, mesmerised. She can barely tear her eyes away.

Him: Oh god (breathy voice) I probably shouldn’t tell you this
She: (leaning in, equally breathy, still staring intently) say it anyway
Him: I find it so hard being this close to you, alone, and not kissing you
She: Oh
He: Do you want to fuck me?
She: No. Sorry.
He: Ok. See you later