Hazard of Parsnips, Chapter 17

My lord, can it be true! For the love of Lassiters Lake , that devlish wag and heating system behemoth, Sherby57 has written chapter 17 . He wrote it with his brain and possibly his fingers! Dare you read it?



Catch up with the whole of Hazard of Parnsips here: https://worldofsheds.wordpress.com/a-hazard-of-parsnips/

If you’re good, we might record it as a podcast so you can listen to it in the car/baffle chamber/bra generator.

8 thoughts on “Hazard of Parsnips, Chapter 17

  1. Dr. Angel! It’s been a while! It’s so good to see you’re still doing the Parsnip adventure thing. It’s so intoxicatingly addictive. Is that redundant? I apologize if it is. I know how redundant rendundancies can be, and frankly, I do not like it.

    Anywho, I’m sure you’re wondering who the hell this person is who is coming on here saying that it’s been a while, but if you remember The Weekly Argus (and really, why wouldn’t you after all the adventures we shared), this is a whole new blog started by that individual. And it’s just as amazing…

  2. Weekly Argus, can I call you that? I prefer to call you ‘Dave’ or ‘Jim’ especially if that’s not your name.

    How could I forget you? Especially since that night we spent in Hull, jiving to the jitterbug and spitting on people. Such romance!

    I’ve checked out your bloggage and I like what I see, quite frankly. Can I call you Frank?

    Frank, HoP still continues. The ball is in my court, and I’m saving up some beauties for the next chapter. Stay tuned, Frank.

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