internet search of the month

Someone found my blog by typing in:

“make it sexy and when you’re done say what a lovely tea party”

The mind boggles. And bogles probably.

Any ideas what this means, if indeed, anything.

3 thoughts on “internet search of the month

  1. Surely it’s obvious. Are you seriously trying to tell me that you don’t consider anything that you’ve made sexy to be a lovely tea party? I thought that was just the way things were done in the noughties.

    I know that we’re not technically in the ‘noughties’ anymore and that anyone using the phrase ‘the ‘noughties’ should be chemically castrated, but this is simply the price you have to pay to be down with the kids.

  2. Ah, pervily strange internet search terms. I miss them. You don’t get any of that stuff on blogger. Still, it sounds like you throw a saucy tea party. Another cucumber sandwich, vicar?

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