Top Tips Part 2

So you’re in love with your new fella, he’s probably called Terry or Keith or Steveo or Dazza. The love you have for him is bubbling up inside you like a well and you want to express this love. But how?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably thought of expressing it in the form of contemporary dance or by writing it on the inside of your geography exercise book (you may even like to work out the percentage of your love by using an ancient and scientifically verified mathematical formula) but it’s more than likely that you’ve settled on the idea of tattooing your loved one’s name upon your person. What better way is there to express love. I can’t think of any and I’ve tried.

But wait! What happens if the unthinkable occurs? Your loved one’s eye roves and before you know it, Steveo is stepping out with the girl studying childcare at the local college!

Well, fret no longer, save the heartache and literally thousands of pounds in expensive tattoo removal costs, simply write your loved one’s name in biro on your person (it’s probably your arse or chest you were getting tattooed wasn’t it, ‘cos it’s a bit ‘sexy’ isn’t it. Woo).

When the love ends, simply wash the name away. You can write your new lover’s name in biro when you think to ask it the morning after.

4 thoughts on “Top Tips Part 2

  1. You’re a life saver. My new fella is called Terry AND Keith – through some kind of squirrel based mix up at the registry office – and I didn’t know which to get tattooed onto my butt cleft. Your biro based solution will allow me to alternate and to keep TerryKeith happy. Thank you.


    Do you think it would be possible to get a stamp made of your name that you could quickly use to give people temp tats of your name?

  2. A great tip.

    Similar to one I read some years back and embraced with relish which championed the use of Nobo dry marker pens for the declaration of love about ones person. Unfortunately the Nobo I used about my person and on my person was in fact of the permanent variety which lingered on long after the love had diminished.

    A sad story I’m sure you’ll agree which isn’t entirely true but that plays with ones emotions nonetheless.

  3. great stuff. those little sticky letters that can be purchased, or stolen, from stationery suppliers could be utilised to good effect as well .
    if your fella is steve and then ,having discovered that steve was having an affair with a xerox machine from brighton,you go out with dave, there would be no need to remove all the letters.

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