Dear lovely Livespacers
Even though I’ve fond memories of blogging on here, back in the day with Rooser, Ms Naranja Gusset, Clive Sinclair, Yummy Delicious, live spaces just can’t compete with WordPress. Think of live spaces like the Aldi of blogging. You like it, it’s good for some things but the selection and slickness of Tesco is just too beguiling.
So, mes petits, please visit my wordpress blog. www.worldofsheds.wordpress.com and book mark it. Visit it every day. Worship it like a god. Kiss it. Send it money. Marry it in some perverted ritual, you sicko.
On wordpress you get to
  • choose from some pretty attractive themes, not the cutesy-cutesy or teenage boys ones on here.
  • See where your readers have come from
  • Keep up to date with your reader’s comments
  • Keep up to date with the replies you get from comments on other sites (live spaces is so bad for this)
  • Some pretty great stats functions on which of your posts gets the most views
  • Sigh. Your blog just looks so much more professional and when you return to your live spaces account, you feel like your playing a sega master system.

So please, don’t abandon WoS, but come and visit me in my other home. The site isn’t going, fear not, archive fans.

Other WoS news

Visit me on twitter http://twitter.com/Worldofsheds

Look out for an exciting WoS podcast in the not too distant future. I’m halfway through writing a series with my pal, Sherby57.

Your enduring servant


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