Short Plays: Quirky, Tortured Romance

Another thrilling installment of my short plays. This time, I thoroughly explore the genre of the quirky, tortured romance. I think I may have made up this genre, but you know the sort of film. It would probably have that Cera fello in it or that girl from Juno or the fat one from Superbad (noone can accuse me of not doing my research).

I first explored this genre as part of Milk Bottle Manifesto (learn more about it here ) a cause championed by my good friend, and writing partner, Sherby57. I was tentatively experimenting with the genre and hit on something quite profound, I’m sure you’ll agree, unless you’re some kind of mental sub-normal.  On bended knees, Sherby implored me, like a man posessed to develop this life changing dialog, and I was compelled to comply, to at least save Sherby’s mental wellbeing.

So here it is. Tissues at the ready.


 She: I can’t help but love you even though you have a squashy face!
He: Maybe you love me because I have a squashy face.You won’t realise this until you date a normal faced fellow and find yourself missing my haunting visage.
She: OK, I’ll get back to you after that.
He: OK. See you later

3 thoughts on “Short Plays: Quirky, Tortured Romance

  1. By Davro’s hairy cleft! As if I didn’t love your short plays enough, now that I’m imagining one starring Michael Cera, it’s as if the whole cosmos is in alignment. Could I suggest that Zooey Deschanel would make a fine addition to the cast, despite not having a squashy face, per se.

    Your story is going to stay with me for a long time, a bit like an unemployed relative. Rest assured, my mental wellbeing has been improved immeasurably. In fact, my mental wellbeing just did 50 press ups and 200 star jumps. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    Your new theme is reminiscent of a badger trying to seduce a squirrel by using a neg about how its tail is bushy, but it must have tail extensions. Simply stunning.

  2. There’s something quite timelessly enchanting about a good squashy face. Something like putting a pineapple on a baby’s arm. Yes. Something like that.

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