5 thoughts on “With All Due Respect..Respect Due

  1. wrll i never .what an offer , money and possibly sex as well.perhaps this is the angle that francois should take in his efforts to win his “gal”from the dastardly manure farmer. that and tales of plane crashes in hot ,steamy far away places,money transfers and percentages.
    surely this is the way to win a girl, mind and body and soul

  2. I don’t understand. I have also received this email from Mr Zakiu Wadu. Surely a man of Mr Zakiu Wadu’s standing wouldn’t make an offer like this to more than one person. Sure, I’ve never actually met or had any contact with Mr Zakiu Wadu prior to this email, but I felt an instant bond between two like minded individuals.

    Oh, Mr Zakiu Wadu, why hast thou forsaken me?

  3. Fear not, I will be tackling the Zaiku Waidu issue in due course. I’m thinking of penning him a more elaborate reply to see what he says about his slutty monetary ways.
    @Graham-I hope you’re not leaving the blogosphere for long?

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