Angel’s short plays: Crime Drama!

Watch out, there’s an intriguing twist in the tale!

Kowlaski: Listen up, chump. I got a knark that puts you in the place where the ice cream murders were committed. The guys at the Forensics found ice cream DNA on your craghoppers gilet.

Suspect: I wasn’t there. I was staring at some pitta pockets.

Kowalski: Maybe it wasn’t you then.

Suspect: It wasn’t me.

Kowalski: the forensics are pretty compelling, punk. I still think it’s you and you were sighted masturbating by an ice cream van, so you have a motive.

Suspect: Yeah, it was me. Sorry that I lied.


3 thoughts on “Angel’s short plays: Crime Drama!

  1. Gripping. This should be turned into a very brief feature film. It would win many awards and be lavished with golden grahams. My life would then be complete.

    I don’t know who they’d get to play Kowalski, though. He’d probably have to play himself.

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