New Short Play: Short Romcom


He: Why that’s girl’s so beautiful! Her eyes are large like the Nazca plate and her lips are like delicate toilet paper. Why, a girl so beautiful as that wouldn’t be interested in a bum like me. Sometimes it’s hard for girls to get past my job in the fluffy animal abbatoir.

She: Alright, have you got the time?

He: It’s half three. Say, I don’t suppose you fancy going out some time? Could I have your number?

She: Yeah sure. It’s 18934 88474 28282.

He: Oh Brilliant. Phone you later.


9 thoughts on “New Short Play: Short Romcom

  1. It’s the number that does it. See, if I could just get to meet a girl with a number like that, things would be great. But no, I only ever get to meet girls whose numbers begin with 5 and end in 2. It’s destiny, see. It’s the numbers.

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