Save the Cost of Moving

Why spend £££££s on moving house, when you can install a sani flow system? Create extra facilities with a sani flow system! You can have an extra toilet, a washing machine all by using the saniflow system.

So stop writing that cheque for a new house! You can save thousands by NOT moving and getting an extra bog.

Does anyone else see the flawed logic in this daytime tv advert?

But moving home is something we hope to do, move into a bigger house with more rooms. Not staying in our own house with a bog we can’t put solids down or too much bog roll, pretending we’re in a horrible B&B in Edgbaston where you have to put pound coins in the tv to make it come on.

9 thoughts on “Save the Cost of Moving

  1. Oh joy! I can’t believe you’ve found this. I was just about to move house because my large collection of sanis were getting clogged up. It’s been a living nightmare, to be honest.

    Thank god for the saniflow and the ability to ensure an even flow of my precious sanis throughout my Parisian-style boudoir.

    Thank you, dear doctor. From the bottom of my sani-pile, thank you.

  2. NO! TOILETS! i`ve had mine installed because i thought it helped to balance sanity and creativity. all that time spent on my knees , head inverted,.hell i can feel my mind spiralling off in two directions. oh woe is me!
    mind you i can stop using the airing cupboard

  3. The cistern! It’s fading out of existence, or even better, it’s transferring itself to another dimension where nobody has a bottom! It wants a quieter life and who can blame it?

  4. You’ll find the technical term for this facility is a Macerator. Which is a much better name, I think.

    If they called it a Macerator II – Turbo, then I’d buy it…to impress the ladies, obviously.

    • And how the ladies would swoon! I know that I’ve thwarted young men’s sloppy, yet ardent advances only to find them riding bareback on a macerator turbo with another womanthang. Oh foolish Angel! I cried tears of blood for weeks.

      • What a fantastic idea. I do have a penchant for writing surreal, and gut wrenching romances. Maybe I’ll work this into one of my current romance mini tales. Yes. I will! I’m going to rattle a chair in excitement.

    • Oh Graham, and I would sit there and sing you a sweet song about urination. It would probably go.

      My kidneys are singing
      There’s urea that’s building up
      There’s sweet sweet waste to be extreted
      and a hand that’s waiting to flush!

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