Save the Cost of Moving

Why spend £££££s on moving house, when you can install a sani flow system? Create extra facilities with a sani flow system! You can have an extra toilet, a washing machine all by using the saniflow system.

So stop writing that cheque for a new house! You can save thousands by NOT moving and getting an extra bog.

Does anyone else see the flawed logic in this daytime tv advert?

But moving home is something we hope to do, move into a bigger house with more rooms. Not staying in our own house with a bog we can’t put solids down or too much bog roll, pretending we’re in a horrible B&B in Edgbaston where you have to put pound coins in the tv to make it come on.

My Junk

Hello Shedders,

That young lassie, Ke$ha, has a song out, called ‘Tick Tock’ in which she says

I’m talking everyone getting crunk

Boys tryna touch my junk

I really can empathise. This is a really tricky issue. I know I’m constantly being bothered by young lads interfering with the burnt out pram in the front garden, the part of an electricity pylon,  and the twsited frame of a Raleigh Burner. Not a week goes by, shed fans, when a stong young man doesn’t try to reach out and touch my oriental fishing boat .  God, I try to chase them away, but they run too fast and I really can’t make a chase when I’m smoking my Regal Kingsize. I may drop it for starters.

Ke$ha. I feel your pain. Why won’t they just touch our arses instead?