Ode to Shadowsans

On this glorious day

in scotsville town

A babby was born

Wrapped in paper brown

His name was shadowsans

and he was a fella

and like most infants

he had a soft fontenella

Don’t poke inside it!

You’ll touch his brain!

Then he’ll be all funny

and not the same!

Now the townsfolk did rejoice

and act all silly

they broke out their spectrums

and played jet set willy

Happy birthday shadowsans! Thanks for all your ace feedback and support.


Angel x

3 thoughts on “Ode to Shadowsans

  1. This is the most beautiful ode I’ve ever had the pleasure to read, and incredibly well researched to boot. I’ve checked with my mum and the town records and it happened exactly like this. You’ve made me feel 39 again. God bless you Angel. xxx

  2. I did have to plough the annals of the ‘Scotsville-what are they saying?’ Newsletter to find out exactly what happened when you were born. Suffice to say, it was as amazing as I’d imagined during those departmental meetings at work.

    Happy Birthday fella. x

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