Straight Outta Swansea: DVLA

Earlier this week I promised you to keep you updated on 123 Bummings! Exploits.  Well, I will not disappoint.

Earlier this year, Iona Tombola, rhythm guitarist/bassist/vocalist of 123 Bumming! started to get a Cheryl Cole type yearning.  No, she didn’t attack anyone.  She started hanging out with some of the main players in the hip hop/rap scene.  Not a week went past when she wasn’t spotted hanging out with members of the dark underbelly of the scene.  One night she’d be partying with Rob n’ Raz, John Barnes, and 2 Unlimited then next night, The Rebel MC and the Vengaboys in P-Diddy’s floating night club ‘Diddi-rama’.  Before long she was whisked away to Hillside in LA to record a track with ‘the Hip-Hop’s’ main player: Dane Bowers,  who produced this track. 

Do not fear, Bumming! fans, for Iona demanded that she play all the instruments on the track, to maintain artistic integrity.   Lead guitar and bass are all c/o Ms Tombola who also adopts her rap persona: MC Lizzy Duke.

For out foreign fans, a bit of terminology:

DVLA: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (your DMV, American chums)

SORN: Statutory off Road Notification (a form you have to fill out to declare your vehicle is ‘off the road’)

Theory Test: A test of driving theory.  Road signs, stopping speeds etc

Special Brew:  A high strength, disgusting lager.

Swansea: Welsh city which hosts the DVLA.  

V11 : a form/reminder to renew your tax disc

Here is that song.

4 thoughts on “Straight Outta Swansea: DVLA

  1. This may be the greatest song ever written. I can only imagine a full-scale chart war between Su-Bo and yourself, resulting in a bloody feud. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll win.

    Your talent is overflowing.

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