Prawns and Mince

My friend gave birth the other day. She asked me to go around and see her baby. I had a window between bungling activity and my flouncing duties, so I agreed. I quite like children and all that, which is good quality for a doctor to have. A general distaste of humans isn’t going to get you ahead in this game. Anyway, I got around to her house and she led me into the kitchen. I was eager to see the baby and had even bought some delightful gifts from my local TK Maxx jumble sale/emporia. She led me into a modernish kitchen inspired by the heady era of 2001. There she revealed two pyrex oblong dishes. One containing defrosted frozen, shelled prawns, and it’s adjacent pyrex twin, contaning cooked mince, with chopped peppers.

I weas a bit disappointed. I thought she would have at least assembled the baby for my visit. It’s current form was very disatisfying to me.

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