3 thoughts on “Reasons I Hate Robbie Williams: A Pictoral Analysis

  1. Ahhh, the old Rude Box conundrum. It’s so unspeakably awful that it makes you doubt whether it is actually rubbish or if it’s a work of avant garde genius. It’s not. It’s rubbish.

    My biggest issue with Williams is that a certain proportion of grown men think he is ‘cool’ and like his ‘music’. This simply is not right.

    • I hate that laconic drawl he adopts on ‘rude box’ that he seems to use for most things actually, but what’s even mored awful is the constant puns, the play-on-words, jokey-jokey-ness of rudebox coupled with that awful sample “why are you so nasty?”.

      I can feel my bile rising again.

      • What you eloquently describe as a laconic drawl I would describe as ‘it sounds like he can’t even be arsed singing’. Indeed, he does sound like he can’t be arsed singing. It’s so bad that you have to assume he’s either doing it on purpose or he recorded it during a mental episode.

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