Too Much Love Can Kill You

So says Meatloaf.  On what evidence does he base this claim?  I have read many medical and psychological text books, none of which make the love=death link.  There appears no factual basis for this claim, no evidence, no randomised controlled trials exposing subjects to two conditions:


Condtion A-not enough love

Condition B- too much love

Where is it established that the independant variable (IV=love) is manipulated to see if it has an effect on the Dependant variable (DV=life/death status)?  I’d like to read that research, Mealoaf.  Which peer reviewed journal does it appear in?  The international journal of spurious bollocks?  The Australian journal of shit?  Lies!  The Magazine?

I can only conclude that this supposition is INCORRECT.

3 thoughts on “Too Much Love Can Kill You

  1. Have you read Richard Dawkins’ The Meat Loaf Delusion? He absolutely destroys the crooners claims of death by excess love. And the chapter which ridicules the ‘Bat out of Hell theory is hilarious. He posits that, not only are there no bats in hell, but there is no hell!

  2. no, but I have read ‘the Selfish Loaf’ where Dawkins proports that meatloaf is esentially telling us that too much love (having too many children) will lead to overpopulation, cannabalism and ultimately the destruction of the species, just as much as not at all (i.e. no rumpo=not furthering your genes at all).

    A classic text.

  3. I’ve got it on my wishlist, so hopefully I’ll be able to read it soon.

    I’m not a big fan of Meat Loaf’s religions generally, but I do have some sympathy for his ‘I would do anything for love, bit I won’t do that’ philosophy. It’s very zen.

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