123 Bumming! Do it Again

Those of you who regularly read this blog will have become transfixed by my tales of the band 123 Bumming! Of course you are.  Only a fool with some kind of mental problems wouldn’t. Many of you have sent me death threats demanding that I upload more tracks from their popular album ‘It’s all about hats and self publicity’.   Well, the wait is over Bumming! Fans for here is their latest song. ‘(I got) Wood’.



As you’d expect, 123 Bumming play their instruments with panache and precision, like that of some kind of foppish neurosurgeon and no hint of drunkness. However, this song is somewhat of a departure from their usual style. (I got) Wood is a crossover betwixt gangsta rap, hip hop and blues with a touch of Viz crudity. The result in not unlike NERD or someone else really good like that. Or even somone you can think of who is better.

(I got) Wood also sees Bumming! drop drums in favour of more random percussive elements like tambourine and woodblock. The result is a tune that you might use to woo a lover into your boudoir to watch you grate off the hard skin on your feet with your Ped-Egg.

Without further ado, I bring you (I got) Wood.

(I got) Wood
Words: Hans Fiddling
Musical concept: Iona Tombola
Rhythm Guitar/tambourine: Iona Tombola
Lead Vocals/blues harp: Hans Fiddling
Lead Guitar/Bass: Igor Biggun
Percussion/Backing Vocals: Bunty Snatch (new member!)
Percussion/Backing Vocals: Eva Gotalittlesomethingforya


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