Blog of the Month
“Because I’m worth it”

Sherby 57 is one of the best blogs by far on the internet. I don’t say this lightly, and I don’t say this because he is my friend. His blog is so good I made it my business to be his friend. Yes. That’s right and it’s scientific fact.

In the wonderful world of Sherby 57, read about the adventures of Fireheart!, learn about a hero called Dave Burley. He also co-writes ‘A hazard of Parsnips’ the best epistolary novel during the Zanussi Revolution. In the world of Sherby 57 alternate dimensions open up in front of your eyes, and artwork and poetry is presented for the delight of your eye devices. This blog makes me laugh eastwards.

If you make one blog a daily reading occurance (he updates it daily!) make it Sherby 57.

3 thoughts on “Blog of the Month

  1. It is an honour and a privilege to be recognised in this way, the emotion within me is threatening to explode all over the house. I’ve just been outside and shouted, ‘hey macarena!’ as a primitive form of emotional venting. It barely helped.

    I don’t want to get my hopes up, but surely the next step after receiving such an acolade from Doctor A would be for me to win some kind of Nobel Prize. Either that or 15% off my next order from ‘Funky Fried Chicken’. Either would be pretty good.

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