What the press say about 123 Bumming!

Cast your mind far, far, back, a bit further, no, a bit further…jesus can’t you remember past yesterday…to last week when I shared with you the celestial music of the heavenly orbs, also known as the band ‘123 Bumming’.  Learn more about them here


Since then, the press have predictably jumped on the Bumming Bandwagon and listened to their album ‘It’s all about hats and self publicity’ and reviewed it in the popular muzak press.  Here are just a limited selection as to what they are saying:

They smell like gas and they ratch through bins, but what I wouldn’t give for one night of passion with these guys.”
– Trumpet Arm, Pole Dancing for Pervs

“Listening to their tracks make me want to go through Stefan Dennis’ bins and then punch the air in salutation whilst crying out into the void “Don’t it make you feel good!””
– Yabbie Creek, Erinsborough News

“I love this band so much, I find myself having to text them three times in a row without a reply. This makes me the cunt. Everyone knows ‘three times makes me the cunt’.”
– Mr. Eager Beaver, Eager Texting and Sabotage

“Is it so wrong to be consumed with a love that burns like a surface of the sun for this band? No, and I’ll fight anyone with my bare hands who says it is.”
– Mr. Bon Tempi, Hammond Organs for You
“Now that I play 123 Bumming during every waking moment, my wife won’t leave me alone. Thanks 123 Bumming!”
– Ebeneezer Goode, Holding Budgies for Profit
When I first heard this band, I had to cough into a packet of bourbons. This inadvertently resulted in the Death of East 17’s drummer. ”
– Walkley Netto, Mr. T Weekly
“123 Bumming are so wrong, it’s right. They made me divorce my wife and marry a sea urchin! The sexy fucks! I lost my house and my car, but I just got the fuck on with it!”
– The Noble Gases, ZX Spectrum Fanciers Almanac (Apr 04, 8947)

“I feel so sexual when I listen to this band. Like I might punch a bouncer or anull a marriage!”
– Pac-a-mac, The Sleeping Bag Tribunal (Mar 03, 1754)

“Fuck Me!”
– Spinning Jenny, Crop Rotation Monthly (Feb 02, 1821)

“123 bumming make me howl with delight”
– Cardinal Richelieu, Copper Sulphate Monthly (Jan 01, 1591)
And so, there you have it.  However, Shedders, don’t take thier word for it, make up your own mind.  Tomorrow may bring more music from 123 Bumming! so stay tuned (not literally, you aren’t a radio or a CB system. I mean metaphorically.  Apologies if you are a radio system)

3 thoughts on “What the press say about 123 Bumming!

  1. It’s about time that 123 Bumming got the recognition they deserve. I remember the first time I read a review for the band, way back in the long hot summer of ’77. I was strutting my funky stuff down the Kings Road and happening upon a boutique newsagents called ‘Mister Fez Eats Cheddar While Reading The Newspaper & Tobacconists’. Intrigued, I stepped inside and was gobsmacked by what I saw.

    The innards of the shoppe were a literal Aladdin’s cave, a cornicopia of exotic newspapers, magazines and pamphlets. I didn’t know where to look first, shelf after shelf was lined with velvet covered magazines and gold leaf newspapers. In my moment of bewilderment, a friendly face appeared: Mister Fez.

    He was an old man and yet so young; a living contradiction. Before I could utter a word, he smiled and pointed towards a singular glowing magazine. The cover simply read: ‘Morris Grunts Music’. I purchased it immediately with a shiny new shilling.

    I started to read the manuscript as I left and became transfixed by an article on 123 Bumming, the next big thing, according to chief writer, Miles Busomquencher. My heart so filled with love for a band I had not yet heard, I turned and was shocked to see that the Fez emporium had vanished!

    It is a day I’ll never forget, and I’ve been enamoured with 123 Bumming ever since.

  2. Ahh, 123 Bumming, as promoted by Cilla ‘wax da floor’ Black, a fine beat combo with echoes, reverberations, and a fine line in clefts. Truly a wondrous act and that such an act should finally crest the wave of success in The Beatles anniversary year is a great excuse to trot out cliches, don polyester and worship elves and The Pixies.

    Listening to 123 Bumming takes me back to my days as a fresh faced DJ, yet to trade vinyl for a fashionable ensemble of polyster and a career in silicon. For those that don’t know me, I’m not alluding to being an LA cosmetic surger, rather I am – I humbly admit – the father of the modern computer. Anyway, my days at University had me spinning the decks while my fellow students got down’n’dirty, listening to the popular acts of the day and indulding in poppers, although back then we called them bubble wrap, quite why popping should cause such consternation now is beyond me.

    123 Bumming remind me of all that was wonderful back in my student days and I urge you, no, implore you to check out the sounds, pop pickers, of this wonderful beat combo.

    Check it. Word. Respec’

    • Thanks Sherby and welcome back sir Clive. Glad you could find me in my new incarnation.

      Yes, you both have very interesting tales to tell about 123 Bumming. Bumming touches people in different ways. What I can say is that there is always a emotional journey that culminates in people finding their way to 123 Bumming. You both serve to confirm that and that’s all I need to classify it now as a Scientific FACT.

      I’m sure more emotional, road-to-damascus epiphianies where 123 Bumming have had an instumental role, will start to come to light.

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