Things I hate, volume 1 of a box set.

I can’t explain it, not without seeming like an unreasonable git, why I hate the way on adverts, people place things down gently, like you never would in real life.  Like you’ve used some washing up liquid and once you’ve sqeezed it ever so gently, as if it was a new born platipus, you place it down on your surface, like it was the most precious substance known to man.  Maybe, the elixir of life, or the blood of Christ.


2 thoughts on “Things I hate, volume 1 of a box set.

  1. This is the wisest thing I’ve ever read. Add smiling at errant children into the mix and you have a true advertising Erebus.

  2. Smiling beatifically at errant children is up there, agreed. I also forgot to add other advertising annoyances such as actors giving ‘true life’ testimonials about toothpaste (Jim 29: Fitness Instructor “I went to my dentist as I was worried that the enamel on my teeth was thinning”. No. You are clearly an actor. I trust NOTHING you say).

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