We were made for each other


Yes, I can’t help but feeling so strongly towards you, and we’ve only just met.

I think we go so well together, like vomit and sawdust. I miss you like bog roll on the day after a heavy drinking session. I need you like immodium instants before the flight home from Turkey.  Oh, I’ve a fever for you, like consumption.

What’s brought this on? I’m watching a Romcom. You, Me and Dupree, no less, is on at the moment.

By the way, why are the heroines in Romcoms always primary school teachers?  Does that make a woman more attractive?  Like a playboy bunny emblem on a car or a tattoo of tweetie pit on a cleavage.

Yes. Yes all these things are attractive

3 thoughts on “We were made for each other

  1. Jennifer Love-Huelett-Packard-Bell-Wether-Forecast is a vet in Garfield. But she could probably have been a primary school teacher. It’s a terrible film. I think there’s a romcom subplot in there somewhere. But every time my grandson says he wants to watch it I flush my head down the toilet and weep for ninety minutes. I believe in setting an example. I forgot to tell you how much enjoyed reading your space. There are so few good ones now. Thank you.x

  2. Only 90 minutes Graham. You must quite like it. Here’s enough Romcom to add to the theory: Meet the parents/the fockers. Heroine=primary teacher!!!! Only sweet lovely girls can work with precious kiddywinkles. The lambs!Thank you so much Graham. That means so much to me. I can assure you that the blog admiration process is a two way street. Love and lightAngel x

  3. I bow, Dr Angelheart, to your superior intimate knowledge of cack movies. Now there’s quite a good one, Angelheart. It starred Micky Rourke WHEN HE STILL HAD HIS OWN FACE! And not a sniff of a primary school teacher anywhere.

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