The secret to looking good

People often squark at me
"Dr. Angel, you gorgeous wretch.  How the Jeremy I-rons do you look so good?"
At first i ignore them, and turn my chiselled body away in abject disgust.  If they persist I retort
‘"Why, if I were to tell you, then you may look as good as me, and thus you would then be seen as ‘competetion’ in this intense dating market of people in their thirites, and i’ve got a biological clock that I might have to take the batteries out of"
If they then persist I lend them one of my celebrated excercise videos:
Beadle’s 60 minute butt clench

Micheal Barrymore’s swim for health!

Jodi Marsh’s smoke fags for a thinner figure

Shagging pensionersacise with Catherine Zeta Jones

Backflip your way to health without your top on by the London Boys
Gunt Loss with the chuckle brothers
Pecs mean Sex by Phillip Middlemiss
burn calories by breaking necks with lennie from ‘Of Mice and Men’
Timmy Mallet’s tightie ab-butts
I trust you will find this to your liking
Your sculpted friend
Dr. A