Things I inexplicably hate

Some thing make you feel like gnawing your hand off, and much like how Hollyoaks continues to be commissioned, no one really understands why.  Hark!  Bear witness to the majestic glory of your favourite internet doctor and man magnet, Dr. Angel, as she recounts her own list of inexplicable bile.  Do not be afraid, my little paulo nutinis, for you too can add you bile-inducing atrocities for others to witness, validate and add their own personal reflections, resonances, and stupid ignorant scrawlings. 


  • Sarah Jessica Parker’s open mouthed gasp on the ‘Lovely’ perfume advert.
  • hollyoaks calendars (this isn’t all that inexplicable really)
  • Chris Moyles’ new ‘book’
  • People serving you in shops who won’t look at you whilst they are in the serving process.  Not good with people?  then work in an abbatoir.
  • the phrase "at the end of the day". Nghghghghghghghghghghghhghghghghghghh!
  • The phrase "fair play", or equally overuse of the phrase "to be fair"
  • People who use the word "yourself" when it should be "you".  "would you like anything for yourself?".  It’s YOU.  YOU!
  • People who have to be ‘looked after’ when they sniff the babycham
  • People who can sing well on Kareoke
  • Shop assistants who ask you if you need help as soon as you get in the shop.  I don’t know whether I need help yet, I’ve only just got here. I seemed to get through the door alright, so chances are, I’ll just about pull through.
  • Nicole Kidman (and especially her Chanel advert…"I’m a dancer!")
  • Mariah Carey
  • Secret santa-I have enough tat in my airing cupboard.  Thanks. 
  • The phrase ‘Jacob’s Join/t’ to describe a meal where each person brings something.
  • People who mix metaphors
  • the fact that once I start watching a crap film, I have to see it to the end.  I wish I could stop wasting my life this way.
  • Friends who talk about wanting babies every time I see them.  Way to go the reinforce the stereotype of women as baby making machines who only purpose in life is to reproduce then bore the arse off every one in work talking about offsprings boring minutae.
  • People who talk about their kids at work.
  • The word ‘pouch’
  • small talk.  I don’t care where you live or where you work.  I don’t care about your snotty nosed kids either.
  • People who recount an event in infinite detail "so then i asked him if he wanted a cup of tea, and he said yeah, and then he said, no i’ll have a coffee.  think this was tuesday, no it was wednesday cos I was going to get my hair done that day and my hairdresser had to cancel because her mum always gets sick on a wednesday.  Then I put the kettle on, and I noticed that….." NGHGGHGFGHHGHGHGH!!!!
  • People who use the phrase " Then he turned around and said" and it’s vile partner "then I turned around to him and said".  I have a mental picture of people spinning around every time it’s their turn to talk.
  • Katie Holmes, and the way she talks out the side of her mouth.
  • Dawson’s creek
  • The OC, and I’ve never seen it.  But I know I hate it, that and ‘Lost’.
  • Nicholas Cage
  • People who GRIP your arm when they are talking to you.
  • People who say "hi" every time you pass them in the corridor.  We’ve said hello once this morning.  It’s not like every time you see me you are being born again for the very first time.
  • People who talk to you at the gym.  I feel uncomfotable talking to people when I’m clad entirely in lycra.  It feel that I’m just one gently gust of wind away from being naked.

Now, WoS enthusiasts, what irritates YOUR nodes of Ranvier?