Shanks or Bigfoot

Aside from being very intelligent, attractive and a beast betwixt the bed linen, I have a penchant for making up games.  Prithee, hear now of my marvellous game titled
Shanks or Bigfoot?
This game can have as many players as your small, charred, burnt out heart desires and can while away many an hour when you are your associates are waiting for the local drug dealer to turn up outside JJB Sports, or while you are waiting for the next tanning cabin to become free.  Of course, I don’t play this game, as I’m far too busy and important, but I can imagine it might bring a cheap thrill to the carrot packing factory/abbatoir where you are gainfully employed.  The rules are thus:
You pose your friends a choice between two things, and they are forced to choose which one they like the most.  These things can be random and comedy ensues…observe!
 (ps. you always have to start with Shanks or Bigfoot-the crapola late 90’s dance combo)
Shanks or Bigfoot?
bidet or toilet?
chaka demus or pliers?
charles or eddie?
special brew or diamond white?
Waynes world or bill and ted?
poo or wee?
primark or matalan?
Or, you can make it racy, which I’m sure you’ll all want to do, as I doubt any of you are getting any ‘beast with two backs’ action, and force your ‘pals’ (One puts this in inverted commas as one is pretty certain none of them like you) to choose between two unattrative specimens of which one they must choose who would be least offensive to engage in the act of rumpo with or they must die.  You can use celebrities, but I have found through extensive research that more amusement ensues when it is people at work or unattrative acquaintances.  Heres some celebrities to get you started:
(Remember, always start with Shanks or Bigfoot)
Shanks or Bigfoot?
Jade Goody or Pete Burns?
David Guest or liza Minelli?
Paul Danan or that idiot Darren Day?
Gary Barlow or Dane Bowers?
You may like to play it here, or post your amusing shanks or bigfoot questions here!
your servant
Dr. Chaka Demus and Pliers