the smell of Trump is the smell of success

The apprentice USA 7pm BBC 3

What a load of whooping and hollering nonsense this is. Headed by the face of ‘Cossack’ Men’s hairspray, Donald Trump, a load of whooping, arrogant yanks pit their ‘wits’ against each other for a place in Donald Trump’s Trump manufacturing establishment.  They attempt to secure this gainful employment between writing butt clenching songs, and huddling and throwing their hands in the air.( "1-2-3 AMAZING!" )in manner of be-power suited cheerleaders.

Yesterdays episode saw some Barrel chested misanthrope (Todd) sacked for shagging his mother and eating sprouts when they were most definitly OFF the agenda. Additonally, he mis-timed the securing of both the Udigowa and the Mc Bertha deal causing the brandy in an oversized glass to be slightly overwarmed!  YES!  I think he also might have shat in Trump’s wig drawer.

I was convinced that on the news of his firing, Mr. Barrel was going to reach over the board room table in abject anger and swipe the spun sugar off Trump’s head. I began shouting "DO IT! DO IT! What’s underneath the spun sugar head garment, Mr. Barrell?"  It was shortly after that I spent some time in the familiar envrions of Walton Prison for ‘disturbing the peace’.

Sigh. I think it’s a hard yellow button in manner of lego man under the spun sugar.

your servant

Dr. Angel

picture to come shortly

Donald hoped that Edgar would enjoy the smell of Trump as much as he did.
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you catch me mid story…

…slowly she stripped off her housecoat to reveal her ladies arena covered only by a picture of Coronation Street hunk Des Barnes (phillip Middlemiss).  Jurgen horsewank was so turned on, he rotated every item in his turnip collection resulting in a small hurriance in Leigh and Atherton. "Good.  that’ll stop those ruffians sitting on their doorsteps smoking their fags", said international gaylord, Ewan Mc Gregor.
Still, the new Dr. who is fit eh?