My new catchphrase

for the love of Hard Fi, it’s about time I had a new catchphrase.  I don’t know, world of shedders, but my latest catchphrase ("well Mr. Figgis, I want no part of your recursive patterns of dysfunctional interaction!") just hasn’t seemed to be working out for me.  So, I can exclusively reveal that my new catchphrase is this:
P’Tang Yang Kipperbang-uh!
I trust this will meet your unusually high expectations, world of shedders.  Feel free to use it at the Matalan cashiers till after purchasing your latest papaya jogging bottoms, or your amaranto polyester skirt.
Until the next time, I remain your servant
Dr. Angel

6 thoughts on “My new catchphrase

  1. I like it: It says "I’m here" in a manner appropriate to the discerning shed-dweller.
    I should think it will catch on!

  2. Well, fair maiden, i thank thee to the bottom of my unexploded world war 2 bomb.  I see from you web site you have been spending time fantasising about the skinny limbed, gypsy rogue, Russel Brand.
    I must own this week having spent inordinate amounts of time thinking of him too, and also dreaming of him.  By day I dream we co host big brother related show and he flirts with me in manner of ‘will they-won’t they’ fandango.  He admires my sense of humour and I admire his scarf collection.  Alas by night I dream that he hates me because I upstage him.  This can only be settled by making the beast with two backs, I fear.
    Hey nonny nonny
    Dr. Angel 
    PS.  Thanks for stopping by! 

  3. Aye, ’tis a mighty fine catchphrase.
    And now, finally, I have something worthwhile to say when I buy my polyester skirts from Matalan.

  4. Hello there, sire
    I must own that admiring glances were not garned when I used this catch phrase at my local ‘Transformers: Robots in disguise’ emporium.  I was trying to purchase Optimus Prime in a Trenchcoat and his nemesis (whos name escapes me) in a medieval wench’s garb complete with comedy breasts and overflowing chalice.  in fact, the mechanical money device operator punched me in the face leaving a ‘world’s greatest dad’ imprint in reverse.  As a result, Elizabeth Duke tried to use me a a mould whilst I slept.  For the love of Jeremy Irons!
    your servant
    Dr. Angel

  5. Soooo How is that catch phrase workin out for u?? ~Smilez~ Love the
    "Mwah wha wha by Charlie Brown’s teacher "  thng.. Brilliant!!! ~Smilez~

  6. well hello, person of indecipherable user name and website!
    I must say, reading your website had me squinting.  i then developed Bell’s plasy and had to be shipped to ‘The Victoria Beckham hospital for the unfortuneately facial expressioned’.  There I recieved ‘sunglasses therapy’ (hiding ones unfortunate face behind huge visors that make one look like an insect) and bobby Davro therapy where we had to contort our faces to fit an outline of bobby davro’s face etched into the mirror afore us.  I made a special friend there, however,m she left to jpoin the big brother house.  Can’t remember the unfortuneate wench’s name but she had a face like a crumpled ball bag.
    anyway, please visit again.
    Your servant
    Dr. Angel

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