A Polite Halloween message for AWoS


4 thoughts on “A Polite Halloween message for AWoS

  1. That’s a beautiful message, with a beautiful picture. No wonder AWoS is the number one web destination for people who love to shit in a burned out tyre.

  2. On an entirely unrelated note, regular AWOS’ers might enjoy the link below. It’s to a game which is a little like an online version of Operation, rewarding those of you(us)(them?) with a steady hand. Best enjoyed with the sound turned on, but can still be enjoyed without sound – for those of you who surf while at work (for shame).http://www.winterrowd.com/maze.swf

  3. Gratings Oh Angelic One,My search for interweb acceptance continues. I have been degraded, downgraded, deprived and depraved, dashed betwixt pillar and post. Quite frankly, I am sullied.So I again, for a short period, rest my laurels in the delightful surroundings of AWOS, before venturing forth, venting as I go.Regards,L’Homme de Disco d’idiot

  4. Sir Fun Clive,Yes, really it is little wonder with the quality of my material that AWoS is recieving over 5 hits a day by the discerning folk of this world. However, I have no doubt in my orange flowery mind that soon every home will have their own burnt out tyre (perhaps in the front garden. Classy. Next to a pram. You may have already seen this in Bootle or Toxteth, AWoS fans) that they can empty their consipated little bowels to their hearts content.Idiot Disco ManYou stide the internet like a virtual hulk, looking for your home. My questions to you are:1. what will tell you that you have found your spiritual home.2. how will you know when you have got there.3. how will things be different for you?in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the shed goodness. There’s a woodlouse in every bite.regards

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