Pimp my home

I swore I wrote an entry the other day.  I must have or the title ‘pimp my home’ wouldn’t be here.  Fukcing msn shitty spaces.  If it’s not bad enough it makes my pc crash every nanosecond, but now it’s wiping my ‘entries’.  As you know, dear world of shedders, I like a regular entry.
If anyone finds the entry entitled ‘pimp my home’, please return it unharmed to
Dr Angel Xavier the xiv
The Angel condo
Level 42
the back seat of the car.

The demise of Angel Towers

Dear pungent world of shedders
I must leave you for a short while while I move from Angel Towers into the Angel Head Quarters/underground lair.  I trust you will all keep well and stay out of Wigan.  I will return, renewed and full of vigour will all the stool samples that you can handle, and a song I penned called ‘Willie likes the thief of time, but alas the thief of time is a gay’.  I expect it will be played on the harpsicord.
Until then, try not to father Courtney Love’s children.
Respect due
Dr. Angel
p.s Returning to your thoughts and comments would align the heavenly spheres in my heart and possibly my loins.