Can you tell what it is yet?


This above linkage, dear world of shedders is a technological canvas with a piece of art encased that brings a tear to your eye and a song to your heart.  Find here a picture penned by the lovely Rolf-a-roo (aka Rooser) devoted to this very website.  I think it more than adequately captures the main themes of world of sheds, an artistic synopsis if you will.  I will, of course, be knocking one out over this picture just as soon as my arm is better following arm wrestling big Nige over who would be the first to shit in the burnt out tyre we found ’round the back of Paul Danan’s needy laboratory.  Big Nige won, but only because I was distracted by Paul Danan admiring and wanting to touch my six-pack.

I would like to invite, nay, entreat you delicate, shimmering, world of shedders to sketch me a picture that you this embodies world of shed.  There’s a prize for the best. 

As always, your servant

Dr. Angel


3 thoughts on “Can you tell what it is yet?

  1. I am liking that piccy, yes indeedy. I am particularly admiring the garb that adorns our hero, Big Nige. Looks suspiciously like the t-shirts that would react to body heat. Big Nige has a look and style about him that we can all aspire to. I, however, still favour polyester shirts.

  2. Congratulations Clive (may I call you Clive?) you are the first member of the public to correctly deduce that the shithouse scribblings on Big Nige’s shirt was indeed my tribute to the highly suspect fashion craze known as Global Hypercolour. If you care to look closely you’ll also discover the fat twat has also come a cropper with his catheter and piss is leaking out of a hole in the side of his bowels. Never fear however as in the next scene I shall be using the day that Kofi Annan plugs the hole with his cock as my inspiration.

  3. Ah, Sir Clivey S and Rooser, gettin’ it on, admiring each other’s work and saying "hey have you been working out?" via the medium of world of sheds. I feel proud, nay, privileged to have brought this gift to you, world of shedders. I will be knocking one out, over my global hypercolour cowboy hat and chaps combo thinking of this glorious moment. Lovin’ your work guys. regardsyour victorian dancing bearDr. Angel

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