This bank holiday fun-day weekend I plan to…

  • classify my scabs in order of what continents they resemble.
  • knock one out
  • steal the thoughts of a procrastinator.  That’ll show ’em.
  • re-enact the war of the roses vs the discovery of penicillin.  Seargeant Barry Cryer from the Bill will star, as will Feargal Sharkey.
  • make the beast with two backs with Feargal Sharkey
  • I will ask Falco to rock me, Amadeus.
  • Shit in a bridgestone tyre
  • visit the temple of Asclepion, and tease the snake.
  • climb to level 42 and take some lessons in love.
  • write a song with too much detail in it, and send it to Craig David and see how he likes it:

I woke up at about 7.30

I was tired and put my alarm on snooze

still in a hypnogogic state, I return to my bed

It is white and purple, you know, pastel shit

then I went back to sleep and had largely REM sleep, thus not restorative sleep

not the kind of sleep you want, you know, you still feel nagged

then I probably got laid, as I’m so fucking fit

tra la la, I’m a huge gaylord.

What will you be getting up to this Bank holiday, world of shedders?

Craig was going to pish his pants if he didn’t get off the train soon. 

2 thoughts on “This bank holiday fun-day weekend I plan to…

  1. Norbert : Yes, I know. I was tracking your movements by a complex system of a french fancy located in yourJeff Banks Wanks men’s tangas. By the way, did you really need to spend so much time outside Robbie Coltrane’s meat packing plant? The owl shat in your sailor’s hat in an cruel vendetta. You may want to clean it out before you don it to Canal street’s ‘Autobahn’ tonight.Warmest wishesyour servantDr. Angel

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