This weekend I have been…

  • …traversing the canyon in Gordon Ramsay’s  chin
  • Taking sprouts off the agenda
  • making the following equation quadratic

internet chatrooms+a/s/l please+female username=advances from potential sex pests+intentions of unwarranted cybersex from man in india

  • eating blue copper sulphate crystals from Paul Danan’s needy laboratory (caam on babe, i love hugs, i’m a really huggy person.  I fackin’ love your tits babe)
  • knocking one out
  • changing my name by deed poll to ‘Maclchisodek of Old’

What have you been doing this weekend?  You probably went to Wigan.

5 thoughts on “This weekend I have been…

  1. THis weekend I have been mainly.1) Trying to choreograph a "Disney on hot coals" production of "Get Bent, the Liberace story"2) Questioning the relationship between my hand and my cock. Is it really all one way?3) Divining with metal coat hangers looking for leprehcauns in Adsa’s car park.4) renewing my library book on how to renew library books.5) Checking Bernie Cliftons anal seepage with litmus paper for acidity6) I went to Wigan

  2. This week I have mostly been …1. Finding out why sprouts should be off the agenda.2. Inventing a cheap means of transport that I’m **sure** will be popular.3. Wearing polyester shirts. Sharp.4. Playing Natasha Kerplunkski.

  3. Rolf and Clive Sinclair (I feel for you baby, feel for you baby). They sound like mighty fine weekends to me, livin’ la vida loca, waking up finding Ricky Martin has bummed you within an inch of your life. Rolf, kudos to the anal seepage experimentation. I imagine your universal indicator showed it to be more acid than alkali with a touch of ectoplasm. If not, your results are wrong and I’m going to have to trash your laboratory and teach you a lesson by going through your bins.Clive, you really must go to Wigan, if just to visit Cash Converters and Primark. Get yourself a nice outfit so you can ‘tap off’ with the Wigan lovlies.Sprouts are most defintely off the agenda as after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, a papal bull was issued decreeing them tasting exactly like earwax and proclaiming them to be ‘The Devil’s eggs, the most heinous witchery’.Hope that helpsYour servantDr. Angel of Angel Towers

  4. I know what you mean about the sprouts, the problem being they taste as though the papal bull decree you mention "issued" all over ’em. Still, amen for marmite eh? Not the only extract I’m fond of, mind.Yours,Sir Clive "i put the sin in" Sinclair.

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